Laker Builders Merchant are thrilled to announce that prominent and popular industry-leader and former founder and owner of Parker Building Supplies, Tom Parker, has joined our Senior Management Team as Laker’s first ever Chairman.

With huge plans for 2023, including the launch of a wider portfolio of products and services, especially around heavy side and many new sustainable ranges, while continuing to develop more unique customer offerings and benefits. "Having Tom Parker choose Laker Builders Merchant is a huge coup for us," says Steve Robinson.

Recognising our ambitions to expand the business, the Board of Directors needed stewardship, from a knowledgable mentor style relationship, ideally someone with notable experience, who could not only offer insights and guidance to attaining the next level of growth, but actually assist us scale up our business. So we could not think of anyone more suitable and are now absolutely delighted to welcome Tom Parker to the Laker family. Tom was keen to keep his toe in the water after successfully selling Parkers Builders Merchant in 2017 and believed with Laker’s ambitious plans, forward-thinking strategy, approach to sustainability, and digitisation that Laker could be the perfect fit.

Tom mentions that he was impressed with the ‘…diversity between the Board of Directors…’ with Ady being the face of the business, his overall experience being front line, as well as dedication to service, in contrast to Steve our MD, who’s strategic approach to digitisation, technology and sustainability all stand-out, amongst many other reasons.

“Tom’s influence, experience and network will make an enormous difference to our plans and truly help cement Laker’s expansion and success, also completing our Management Team”, says Julie our Director of People and Culture, formerly Richard Branson’s Customer Service Director at Virgin Atlantic.

Having admired Parker’s Builders Merchants and Tom Parker from when he first started Laker back in 2010, Ady fondly remembers that his ambition back then was that “…one day, Laker would grow to be like Parkers…”, so he is extremely excited to have Tom on board, especially at this key period in the business’ growth.

On the other hand, with his background in technology, Steve is keen to have the heavy-side mentorship and knowledge from one of our Industry’s finest, to aid and guide our management team grow our business, utilising Tom’s experience to scale the business. In addition, Tom’s personal and local history within the area and his outstanding reputation will only benefit the Laker team to drive our business forward.

Tom says he is looking forward to supporting a forward-thinking business such as Laker, who have an exciting growth strategy firmly planted in the future and are “…willing to take on board advice and insights from an old school merchant such as me.”

For Laker, this is a huge boost at the beginning of 2023 which will see large changes within the industry, some from the onset of new regulations such as Part L, while for Laker being better equipped to take on the opportunities and challenges, simulataniously navigating market unpredictability. With Tom Parker joining Laker, adding such experience to our senior team we can confidently focus all efforts where it matters most and diversify the offering to ensure we are best positioned for robust and intelligent growth going forward.

Date Published: 19/01/2023