Following a successful Safer Streets funding application, the Manor Royal Business Improvement District (BID) has been working with Sussex Police to transform the security camera system in operation throughout the Business District.

While not a high crime area, the Manor Royal BID has put in place various services to help protect Manor Royal and keep businesses safe and secure, including; free access to Manor Royal Business Watch, free security radios for vulnerable retailers and a dedicated Business Ranger security team.

Manor Royal businesses have also benefitted from an area-wide network of security cameras, a mix of CCTV and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras positioned at key locations.

Operated in partnership with the Police, the security camera network has been in place for almost 10 years and has been enhanced during that time. Now, thanks to a grant from the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, the system is set for its most significant upgrade yet.

As well as securing a Redeployable CCTV camera that can be moved around the Business District to trace certain issues, like fly-tipping or car cruising, the technology used to manage the entire system will be upgraded making Manor Royal the first area in Sussex to transform CCTV from a traditional hard-wired system to 4G/5G wireless transmission.

A live time camera function will combine ANPR with CCTV cameras enabling cameras to provide specific detail for reported incidents. While technology advances will allow connection for licenced users anywhere, providing quick and remote access when required whether by the police or members of the BID team in support of Manor Royal based businesses.

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said: “Retail crime can have long-term consequences on business owners, employees and surrounding communities. Whether it’s retail stores on our high streets, or industrial zones in our town centres – it’s vital we protect our county’s businesses and ensure residents of Sussex feel safe when they’re at work.

“I am delighted to be able to provide funding from our Safer Streets fund for this additional equipment for Manor Royal Businesses to give an extra layer of protection to the public and support Sussex Police in combating prolific offenders.”

Steve Sawyer, Manor Royal BID, Executive Director said: “We are very grateful for the funding from the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner that has allowed us to take advantage of this opportunity. This new system allows us to provide a much better, more flexible service to Manor Royal companies, making us more responsive to requests for help while still allowing the police access to investigate crime and disorder as they need to.”

Inspector Jo Atkinson, Force Contact, Command and Control Department at Sussex Police, said: “Manor Royal Business Park is the first area in Sussex to use innovative wireless technology to support public facing CCTV cameras. These changes will strengthen the protection to the business community by enabling faster remote viewing options.  

Standing out from the crowd, these innovative changes with the combination of ANPR and CCTV will bring an outstanding service to the business district of Crawley.  

Working in partnership, the new technology enables a strengthened approach to protecting Manor Royal and a greater capacity to catch criminals.”  

Paul Palmer, ANPR & Vehicle Recovery Manager at Surrey & Sussex Police, said: “We have had a long and established partnership with the Manor Royal BID, the enhancements being implemented will ensure a continued strong alliance in the prevention and detection of crime in the area.

As we strive to protect our communities using the latest technology available it keeps us at the forefront of the partnership approach in tackling crime. The Manor Royal team should be congratulated for their determination to ensure the Manor Royal BID is the safest district it can be, and supports their community in a very proactive way combined with the best use of technology.

Date Published: 28/07/2023