On a sunny afternoon in August, Crawley hosted its third annual Pride Event, and Thales in the UK was thrilled to be a proud sponsor this year. Thales believe in creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued and celebrated for who they are and their sponsorship of this event is a reflection of our commitment to breaking barriers and building a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace. 

A group of Thales LGBTQ+ employees and allies took part in Crawley Pride, setting up a stand in Goff’s Park to showcase the company's LGBTQ+ network. Throughout the day, they engaged with the crowds, spreading awareness about the network and sharing their personal experiences working at Thales. They were busy all day, handing out lots of goodies, including free sunglasses, which went down a treat with the crowds in the sunny weather.

Allyson Diamond, Quality Assurance Manager and LGBTQ+ network liason for Crawley, expressed her enthusiasm about the event: “The whole event was fabulous. The atmosphere was positive and friendly throughout the day and we were well received. 

She added: “It was a great opportunity to promote the inclusivity of Thales as an employer, highlighting that we do have an LGBTQ+ network for employees and sharing our personal experiences working here. 

Working towards a more inclusive workplace

Thales in the UK is proud whenever their people say they feel free to be their authentic selves at work, without feeling any pressure to fit into any kind of mould. 

Being able to express gender identity and sexual orientation, in a way that suits the individual and without fear of judgement, lets everyone bring their best to their work. By promoting a culture of acceptance and respect, employees are valued for who they are, what they believe, and the unique contributions they bring to the team.

Thales in the UK Volunteering programme

Getting involved in events such as Crawley Pride is just one of the ways that Thales in the UK employees can use their volunteering hours, to support worthwhile causes and build links with local communities.

Allyson added: “It’s great to work for a company that provides opportunities to volunteer, especially for events that you’re passionate about. The energy at Crawley Pride was infectious, and it was great to share it with a wonderful group of fellow Thales LGBTQ+ community members and allies.

Employees with an interest in a particular cause, community or campaign, can claim 24 hours paid leave a year to volunteer their time.

The programme has a wide reach and a range of options, from STEM education and outreach events, to fundraising and community engagement, in areas such as the environment and equality.

Date Published: 13/09/2023